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Conditions of sale TecnoVi sas

These general sales conditions are applied in all business relationships between TecnoVi sas - Production MST special parts, and its customers.
The access to the web site MST implies the acceptance of the following conditions for the user.

It is now possible to order by
The orders will be addressed to
TECNOVI di Villa M.&C. sas - MST Produzione parti speciali

The products and services offers shown on the catalogue won't be considered binding.
TECNOVI SAS reserves the right and the choice to modify or to cancel some items or services at any time.
TECNOVI reserves the right to accept or not to accept the order.
You always need to specify item code, description, mean on which it has to be assembled, payment method and phone number.
The shipment address needs to be as clear and exhaustive as possible. Incomplete orders missing shipment information won't be considered.
Mail orders will be answered by a confirmation response.
The client declares to accepts these general sale conditions by filling and forwarding them.
The prices are in Euros and they include Vat ( value added tax).
Price Validity
The price list in force since May, 14th 2010 is the one written on the paper catalogue. Each variation to it clears the previous version and is in force until a possible modification.
The payment has to be in Euro and it can be done in the following ways:
a) cash on delivery with cash or mail courier.
b) prepayment with bank transfer and goods shipment after it.
In this case, we will send the bank transfer request for the goods value including shipment expenses as soon as the order will be ready. We will send the goods when we receive the bank transfer confirmation.
TECNOVI doesn't take charge of personal details forwarded from the client through a different mean.
They will be with parcels by means of the Italian post-office service (unless otherwise specified and each time quantified by the client among the costs).
Shipment expenses (Italy)
Shipment expenses are on behalf of the Client and they are calculated depending on the weight of the material according the two following categories: 1) parcels up till 30 kg sent by Quick shipment 3 at the fixed cost of 9.10 € with delivery within 3 working days besides the one necessary for the check-in in all the national territory (from Monday to Friday)
2) parcels from 31 to 50 kg, sent by Quick shipment Maxi at the fixed cost of 25.00 € with delivery within 2 working days besides the one necessary for the check-in in all the national territory

Accessory services
If the client chooses Cash on delivery as payment method , he will need to pay out to TecnoVi sas-MST Produzione Parti Speciali the following costs: 1) Quick shipment 3: € 6.85 with a maximum amount of the Cash on delivery of € 1032,91 2) Quick shipment Maxi: 18,00€ with a maximum amount of the Cash on delivery of € 3000,00; **In 33 places the delivery standard is increased of a day. See the list
For deliveries from/to Livigno and Trepalle the delivery is accomplished within 2 working days besides the one necessary for the check-in in all the national territory.
Transport damages
In the case of delivery of an externally damaged package, this one has to be open in the presence of the courier and the possible statement of damages to the contents needs to be verbalized. In the case of transport damages noticed afterwards, these ones have to be notified to the courier charged of the delivery and a proper form needs to be filled. You if don't follow this procedure and the courier terms, the damage won’t be acknowledged.
Defective material or non-compliance with the order
Once noticed the defect and the difference from the ordered material, the client has the right to substitute it or he can have the repayment of the value back.
We only accept written complains communicated within 5 days after the goods arrival.
As for defective materials, they have to be returned to our address. It is always necessary to ask for the authorization code when returning something.
When the client asks for the authorization code he will be informed about the correct shipment procedure to follow.
Moreover, a copy of the invoice and of the letter describing the problems have to be attached.
Modalities for exercising the right of withdrawal
We assure the right of withdrawal or the substitution of the material with 8 days, for not used goods in the original packing.
The goods value will be repayed (not the transport costs and the errands of the credit card).
At the shipment, a copy of the invoice and a written document stating the willingness to withdraw from the purchase contract have to be attached.
We guarantee the sold goods for 12 months from the purchase date to direct users and to private clients. Potential deficiencies and manufacturing imperfections need to be communicated in written form.
Goods used for competitions or which differ from the way they were projected are excluded from the guarantee.
Retention of title
The delivered goods are TECNOVI's property until the complete payment of them.
Retention of modification
We reserve the right of each kind of modification of the price list and of any technical feature of our products.
TECNOVI unchallengeably has the faculty to call in products from the market.
Who buys by mail orders on behalf of other buyers ( commission agents) fully accepts the sale conditions here explained.
The qualified Court for any controversy is the one of Reggio Emilia.
Information in accordance with the article 13 of the law 30/06/2003 n.196.
Guardianship of the people and other persons for the processing of my personal data.
TECNOVI, as holder of the processing, provides the following information about the use of the data:
Personal data which TECNOVI owns are collected from the people concerned, taken from lists, proceedings or documents cognizable by anyone, in respect of the law.

The personal data are collected with the aim to provide for fulfilments connected with the company professional activity and in particular for the fulfilment of professional duties toward the person concerned, fulfilments of law duties, business information and the dispatch of advertising material.

The data will be used in a legal way, fairly and confidentially. They will be registered, organized and kept in computer or paper files. The person responsible of the proceeding is the temporary representative lawyer.

The law article 13 bestows specific rights on the citizen. In particular, the person concerned, can get the confirmation of the existence of his own personal data from the holder and he can have them available in an intelligible form. The person concerned can also ask to be informed about the origin of the data and about the logic and finality of the treatment ; he can get the cancellation of the data because of violation of law and the update, the rectification and integration of the data.

In accordance with law dispositions, personal data can be communicated and spread to these categories of people: freight forwarders and the Italian Post company for goods dispatch, banks and interbank services societies to make payments, management consulting centres which provide us some services (accounting, budgeting, fiscal fulfilments), law centres and debt collection societies.
The documents, the images and the brand MST Produzioni Parti Speciali, are propriety of TecnoVi sas, and the reproduction of this to the public is prohibited.
All products with registered trademark, names or initials for the identification of motorcycles are exclusively for reference to the use of accessories manufactured by TecnoVi sas.
Responsibility of MST specialthings by TecnoVi sas
Our products are garanteed quality strength and length.
However they are not approved for road use in countries where approval is required. MST Produzioni Parti Speciali by TecnoVi sas, decline any liability caused by a different use not approved,and we invited the dealers to inform the purchaser of such information. No responsibility is assumed both in relation to the content published on this site and use that third parties can do, or for any contamination deriving from access, interconnection, downloading of material and programs on this site.
Therefore MST Produzioni Parti Speciali by TecnoVi sas, will not be liable for any way to respond to damage, loss or harm of any kind that third parties may suffer as a result of contact with this site, or following the use of what is published or the software used.
Any information provided by third parties may be used freely by MST Produzione Parti Speciali by TecnoVi sas.