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Rally Light Kit for Honda CRF 450 X/R

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Rally Light Kit for Honda CRF 450 X/R

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The rally light kit, by MST, is a kit for all users who want to face the rallyraid world and motorally . designed to be mounted on Honda CRF 450 X/R permits to transform your single in a real racing motorcycle motorally and / or rallyraid not necessarily have to chassis upset, irreversibly working in the frame etc .... Kit consists of fairing completely made in abs, frame lights and instrumentation worked from aluminium alloy, led lights 100 watt power each, attack steel frame carbon heat-treated you for greater strength, communicate at the time of the order brand / model year and motorcycle of destination.
Customize your kit with our optional:
Door roadbook - plate black
Additional Base upper antennas
Additional Base upper antennas booster cap

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Request to do: - complete assembly at our office - setting custom graphic contact u.s. for a quote dedicated to your needs delivery time around 3 weeks from the order date